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cross-posted on MySpace cause I'm lazy!

I'm off to see Echo & The Bunnymen in LA on Monday and then waste some time shopping and what not on Tuesday before I come back home to Northern California. I so rarely travel (sob) that I thought I'd send a MySpace bulletin (er, amend that to a LiveJournal post) in case anyone was in the area and was like 'ooo, I want to say hello to you and your mum whilst you're in LA for a few hours!' Or say 'oh my god, if you're going to LA you absolutely must check out/go to -----'. Or whatever.

Or maybe, I'm just excited cause I'm taking a trip for the first time in ages and decided to inflict it on you all? Perhaps.

Free badge to the first person to comment with the first line of the first song of the first album by Echo and the Bunnymen.
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I just left LA after 4 days! Damn it!
If they're watching my film, analysing me...
Oh! Sorry for not replying to this sooner, I completely forgot I made that post. Well done you! You've won a badge, just let me know which one you'd like and your address and I'll post it too you soon.
Hello, by the way. :)