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according to the front page of MySpace, Muse are defined as 'Rock / Funk / Drum n Bass'. Really? I'm not entirely sure which of the weird MySpace categories I would put Muse into, but not those last two for sure. I just found that amusing.

You might wonder why I have not updated. I'll tell you why...the most exciting thing that has happened to me all week is that I splurged and bought myself $9 worth of beautiful new writing pads. Really, I'm actually excited about it. They're really awesome pads. And I've been looking for pads as nice as these for years. Yay for Staples. Also, with there little bring-in-your-empty-ink-cartridge-and-get-$3-off-and-put-it-in-your-lj-with-a-bunch-of-pointless-dashes-deal, I got it for only $6. I cannot believe I am bothering to waste space on the internet with the fact that I got writing pads. You're lucky I'm not going to describe them for you in detail. They really are wonderful though.

I've been using my new pads to work on my new longish short story, called Heaven & Hell Inc. It's considerably different than anything else I've written in terms of subject matter, but I've really enjoyed writing it (it's almost finished), and I think it's going to come out really well. Plus, it's just incredibly full-filling to write this much, I stayed up til 5am last night working on it, then when I woke up I wrote more in bed!

Other than that, I've mostly just been working working working. I'm almost done with adding 92 new badge designs to Mock The Rock so that's kept me pretty busy, as well as my usual work load. I really have no life. It's terribly sad.

I've become completely addicted to Starbucks. There is not one less than 45 minutes away from me, and it's an absolute nightmare. I hate living in the country. I didn't go over-the-hill (as we call it, going anywhere where there is civilization) for 5 days last week and it nearly killed me. I missed my coffee fix terribly. The little home-made cappucino machines that the little stands in the country have are absolutely useless, it does nothing, it doesn't even taste like coffee! I paid $4 for something that might as well have been hot chocolate. And bad hot chocolate at that.

Damn, I really have nothing to say.

Well, let's see, I do have a few more things actually.

Rather depressingly, Robert, my ace-in-the-hole guy in San Francisco who I knew without a shadow of doubt I could shag if I was willing to shag someone who had never heard of --- and couldn't spell, seems to now be blocking me on MSN. Shortly after he showed me some poetry that was actually incredibly good and I started thinking maybe I judged him too harshly and that maybe it wouldn't make me such a terrible person if I had some fun with him. Now I have a sneaking suspicion I am being blocked cause he's gotten together with the lead singer of some shoegaze band. Whilst I'm not incredibly bothered to not get together with him, it's still depressing to think that of all people he is blocking me.

I am quite sure I had other things I had planned to type but they seem to have ran away from my brain, as they often do when faced with the blank box of LiveJournal.

I wish there were some gigs coming. :( I counted it up, there are 43 bands in this world (that are still together and touring) that I would like to see. Why are none of them here?
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