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a question for the ladies...

Actually, this is probably a question for the gents as well which is probably a good thing cause I don't think I have many girls on my friends list. So, the question is...are all guys cunts or is it just me?

You see, I have just discovered that a guy I have been off and on flirting with for ages has had a girlfriend he lived with for the past 8 months - when only 5 months ago he was making plans to come and see me! Not a guy I particularly fancy, truth be told the attraction is purely physical, but I had thought since I didn't want a relationship right now and he (supposedly) didn't either and we both found each other physically attractive we could do something, you know. The timing hadn't exactly worked out cause he lives in the city and usually the only time I'm in the city I'm with my mum, but as far as I knew that was the only reason we hadn't hooked up thus far.

I won't go into all the details but basically yesterday his girlfriend tracked me down. Now it's not like I ever did anything with this guy, we just lightly flirted online and he made it very clear that he was
a) single
b) wanted me
c) ready whenever

I'm not really bothered about the whole thing since as I mentioned I don't really have any real feelings for him, but I am a big confused/surprised, and more importantly it's got me looking at my past. This is now the 6th time in my life this has happened to me (and 4th time this year!). This seems like a really high number, which lead me to my above question - are all guys cunts or is it just me? I'm just wondering if most girls have shit like this happen to them, perhaps I have extraordinarily bad luck, or perhaps there is something about me that attracts people like this, or perhaps I am attracted to people like this? Maybe I'm just making too much of it and there's nothing to it whatsoever, but it does seem odd.

In other news, I have been designing some logos for (unknown) bands I like/am friends with, which is making me feel very cool and important. Plus it's immensely fun! I'm also making lots of plans for places to go, bands to see and people to hang with when I'm in England next year! We've finalized our plans - we'll be going in the last two weeks of June, ending the trip with T in the Park on July 7th and 8th, because we need to fly home for my cousin's wedding on July 14th. We'll be going to London, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Leeds and of course Scotland. Naturally if any of you want to hang out/show me around/offer me and my mum a place to stay/sell me weed, you have nearly a year to get in touch and make yourself known!

I've been maniacally dieting, which oddly rather than making me feel like shit and hate myself like it used to do, is making me feel wonderful. I've started to not even want bad foods any longer, I think I'm becoming a food masochist. Anyway, I think this trip to the UK has really lit a fire under my (fat) ass about this issue, which I couldn't be happier about.

Oh, also, I dislocated my elbow and couldn't type for two weeks! I can't believe I didn't mention that til now. I became able to type again about a week ago. It was absolutely hell, I couldn't do pretty much anything except watch TV all day - meanwhile my mum was completely swamped with orders for both of our businesses and I could do nothing to help! On the plus side, we finally have some money! Woo!

Probably the most upsetting thing about my injury was that I couldn't write, and of course I came up with a great idea for a short story whilst I was injured. Hopefully I'll get it written up soon though. Although I am still in some pain and can't do certaint things I'm feeling a lot better.

Well, I think that's about it for now. I'm actually feeling really hopeful about life in general. I've been being very prolific, money is alright, I'm not wanting a boyfriend and really happy about it (I'm very determined to remain single for a while) and basically life is pretty alright for me at the moment! Weird!
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