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"Ask the guy out of Keane to cut his arm, and will he bleed rock n roll? Ask him if he bleeds, ask him if he'll bleed, right? Ask the fucking guy yourself, 'DO YOU BLEED ROCK N ROLL?' Is it really in your body? He won't say FUCK ALL!"
!!!, 120 minutes, 24 hour party people, a clockwork orange (book), a life less ordinary, abc, albion, alphonse mucha, amoeba music, anthony burgess, arcade fire, ardal o'hanlon, arianna huffington, art, art nouveau, badges, big star, black books, books, boys, bright eyes, britain, bromheads jacket, calling cds records, camus, can, cosmic scouse, creativity, dancing, dante gabriel rossetti, deltasonic, diy, donnie darko, donovan, drawing, dylan moran, echo and the bunnymen, edvard munch, empire records, england, factory records, feminism, fonts, ford madox brown, gang of four, happy mondays, hard-fi, ian broudie, ian brown, ian curtis, indie, indie movies, infadels, jarvis cocker, jellyfish, john cooper clarke, joy division, kasabian, kings of leon, kraftwerk, larrikin love, lcd soundsystem, little man tate, liverpool, love, love the band, lucid rock, madchester, magritte, making lists, manchester, mani, manic street preachers, martin hannett, mix tapes, mock the rock, music, mystery jets, neutral milk hotel, new order, nic armstrong, nick hornby, northern england, nylon pylon, oasis, old books, out hud, people who read books, pil, politically incorrect, post punk, pre-raphaelite brotherhood, primal scream, pulp, radical liberals, reading, rebellion, records, reni, rob and nick carter, robert longo, saint etienne, san francisco, scousers, seal cub clubbing club, section 25, shack, shout out louds, shroomadelica, sifl & olly, siouxsie, sons and daughters, steve lamacq, still crazy, stone roses, t in the park, the bandits, the bandwagon club, the chameleons, the coral, the dead 60s, the faint, the fall, the kinks, the la's, the left banke, the longcut, the mighty boosh, the music, the normal, the pedantics, the psychedelic furs, the rainbow band, the rakes, the rapture, the secret machines, the shining, the stands, the stockholm monsters, the stone roses, the strokes, the sunshine underground, the verve, the whip, the zombies, the zutons, tony wilson, vhs or beta, we see foxes, writing

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